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  • Ivory | Definition of Ivory by Merriam-Webster

    Ivory definition is - the hard creamy-white modified dentine that composes the tusks of a tusked mammal (such as an elephant, walrus, or narwhal). How to use ivory in a sentence. The History of ivory


    Send me home like an elephant stone To smash my dream of love Did your bed and bookshelf go And run, run, run away These four walls saw the rise and fall ... Meaning to "Elephant Stone" song lyrics. Characters count : / 50. Watch Video Comment Enlarge font. Correct lyrics. Print lyrics

  • Ivory - definition of ivory by The Free Dictionary

    A hard, smooth, yellowish-white substance composed primarily of dentin that forms the tusks of the elephant. b. A similar substance... b. A similar substance...

  • The Meaning of Jade in Feng Shui and Alternative Healing

    One obvious meaning of the jade stone is purity or purification. And because jade is regarded as a stone that protects and supports loving heart energy, jade also symbolizes gentleness and nourishment.For some users of jade, the stone may have the feeling of an ancient sage that is so centered that merely being in its presence creates a feeling of being elevated and nurtured.

  • ELEPHANTINE | meaning in the Cambridge .

    elephantine definition: 1. very large: 2. very large: . Learn more.

  • Elephant Skin Jasper- is also known as Calligraphy Stone ...

    Nov 6, 2015 - Elephant Skin Jasper- is also known as Calligraphy Stone or Miriam Stone. This stone is found in the Himalayan mountains in India Use it during meditation as its stimulates the third eye, and may assist you to reach the area in the higher realms where the Akashic records are stored and may allow you to access them to gain information about past lives.It has a strong resonance at ...

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