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    Some washing machines use only a cold water feed but some washing machines use both cold and hot water feeds. Step 3 Remove Drain Hose. The washing machine waste pipe feeds into the top of the stand pipe; simply pull the pipe to remove it from the standpipe. Step 4 Unscrew Water Feed. Unscrew the water feed from the back of the washing machine ensuring you do not lose the rubber washer. .

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    15/07/2015 · This video demonstrates how to install a new washing machine. Learn how to connect a washing machine. Washing Machine Drain Hose Installation. New washing ma...

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    Here is some step through which we can easily install a washing machine. After reading you will be able to install a washing machine and save some of your dollars by doing all the process by yourself: Hoses to Be Measured. Start by estimating the space where you will introduce the washer to decide to what extent the washing machine hoses should be. It is best to purchase longer hoses than to ...

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    How to Install Washer Hookups. A washing machine outlet box contains all the necessary hookups to run a washing machine. It also hides the faucets, tubes and outlets to give your entire washing machine and dryer set up a cleaner and less cluttered feeling.

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