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    Crank Shaft Grinding CUMI's Crankshaft grinding wheels are made using special, high performance bond systems in a unique manufacturing process, makes CUMI's Crankshaft grinding wheels highly cost effective. Besides optimising grinding efficiencies, these wheels also provide surface finish as fine as 4 microns.CUMI also makes dual grade, sandwich wheels with harder sides and softer ...

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    Maximum safety: the simple control system and dedicated, built-in safety devices prevent collisions with the crankshaft, grinding wheel and other parts of the machine tool Maximum processing speed : the in-process measurement is sampled at 0.5 msec intervals, which means that measurement processing speed is compatible with the cutting speed, even during the initial roughing phase.

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    Goodson carries two grades of crankshaft grinding wheels — Superior Grade (GCH or WAA) and Premium Grade (GCD). Superior Grade Crankshaft Grinding Wheels. WAA— The WAA Superior Grade Grinding Wheel is a 54 grit abrasive manufactured by Radiac. It has excellent dimensional accuracy, corner radii and surface finish. For ple applications ...

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    Crankshaft Grinding with Vit CBN is standard practice and Molemab supply an extensive range of wheels for this application. On this application molemab supply CBN grinding wheels for smaller motorbike crankshaft and are very experienced in helping produce components for racing motors.

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