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  • Coronavirus slams Poland's already-troubled coal .

    "As coal mines struggle, their stock of unsold coal is the highest it has been in five years," Lewandowski said. "The mines are between a rock and a hard place. They need to manage the outbreak ...

  • Adani foists coal mines and Hinduism on .

    Shukla believes this makes the struggle to prevent coal mining in Hasdeo a unique one in India's varied history of such struggles. 'It is now a fight between the panchayats and the higher levels of government; this gives us a lot of advantages we didn't have earlier,' he says. Porte and Shukla both confirmed, separately, that a strategic option that was increasingly gaining popularity ...

  • Torn over coal, German village struggles to heal

    With Germany poised to end coal exploitation in the next two decades, Tetsch and other like-minded activists see only one answer: Proschim stays. But in the village in the eastern Lausitz region...

  • The struggle continues for nation's miners | .

    The struggle continues for nation's miners By Simon F. Haeder; Mar 11, 2019; 1 of ... Coal mining continues to be one of the most hazardous professions in our society. Even today, while the number of large-scale mining disasters and the number of deaths have certainly declined, coal miners continue to face a work environment that is inherently toxic and unhealthy. Coal miners who survive the ...

  • Coal workers fight for benefits as industry .Zum Anzeigen hier klicken4:16

    21.08.2019 · "Coal miners make up the coal industry. Coal miners, and the coal mining industry, have been, and are continuing to be helped by the Trump administration," the spokesperson said.

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  • The struggle for coal miners' health care and .

    For one, employment in the coal industry has been shrinking steadily over the past few decades, from more than 850,000 in the 1920s to just over 50,000 today.Employment reductions have been driven by efficiency gains, mechanization, a shift toward surface mining, and lower demand.. Moreover, of those miners remaining, a vast majority are not union members.

  • 'Matewan Massacre' a century ago embodied .

    'Matewan Massacre' a century ago embodied miners' struggles. By JOHN RABY May 18, 2020 GMT. 1 of 9. In this Tuesday, May 12, 2020, photo a historical sign stands outside a former post office in Matewan, W.Va. On May 19, 1920, a group of miners, who were led by a local police chief, and detectives hired by a coal company to evict unionizing miners from their homes were involved in a .

  • The struggle for coal miners' health care and .

    The struggle for coal miners' health care and pension benefits continues. The Associated Press . March 5, 2019, 6:39 AM. Share This: share on facebook; share on twitter ...

  • Europe's last coal mines struggle for lifelines – .

    Europe's last coal mines struggle for lifelines. Producers in the Czech Republic, Poland and Romania try to stay afloat as losses mount. By Sara Stefanini. 4/14/16, 6:00 AM CET . Updated 5/10/16, 3:02 PM CET. Some of Europe's last remaining coal producers, in the Czech Republic, Romania and Poland, are grasping for government support to keep from going under and taking thousands of jobs ...

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