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  • Tips on Fine-grinding Stainless Steel - Canadian Metalworking

    Graining of Steel Welds. Begin the graining process on a stainless steel weld with a pregrind using a pneumatic right-angle grinder with a plastic support plate with a cooling effect and an 80-grit fibre disc. Finish with a pneumatic drum using a straight grinder. Grain the surface using a right-angle grinder with a nonwoven medium or high-hardness finishing disc. Grind the weld bead with a ...

  • Blanchard Grinding Services | Anchor Danly

    Anchor Danly's modern facilities offer Blanchard grinding of steel plate as a core service. Thirty-four (34) Blanchard grinders are available. In addition to Blanchard grinding, we offer in-house CNCmachining, thermal & vibratory stress relieving, metal .

  • Grinding Steel | Precision Grinding, Inc.

    Steel grinding is a process that moves a grinding wheel or segment in a plane while the wheel contacts the work piece and removes material to create a flat surface. Parts may require surface grinding for several reasons, including: Flat surface is required Accurate thickness tolerance is needed